Sunday, December 25, 2016

UNIQSO's Shugo Chara Yoru wig review

Posting a review on Christmas because I finally have some free time and that makes me so happy!
I was looking forward to trying this wig out ever since Jack reviewed it - it looked so perfect for Manami that I just had to get it!

The wig came in unstyled and very poofy that I had to remove all the poof before reviewing it. 
It was very easy to fix it, to be honest! The wig was heat resistant, so removing the volume of it took me only about a minute or two.

The color is all blue. There's no mix of fibers in it. 
The color might look more vibrant under stronger light or longer camera exposure.

I still find that this wig works well for Manami even under brighter lights. 
I might make a video tutorial on how I style the wig for him in case I have free time.

The wig is very thick, which is great! It covers your hair well and it is not see through.

I'm really satisfied with how the wig is layered - I won't have to cut much!
Uniqso's wigs are usually well layered and barely need any cutting, unless you're making some huge hair modifications. 

There's no plastic shine to the wig, which makes it so much easier to wear it to a convention or to a photoshoot, since you won't have to worry about your wig reflecting all the light in the room haha!
The wig does have some shine to it, but it's nothing too unnatural and, if needed, you can just apply some talc powder to it to remove the rest of the shine as well!

I can't wait to style this wig for my angel boy and have a photoshoot! I hope I look good as him~

If you decide to shop at Uniqso, make sure you use coupon code "Mashetato" as it gives you 10% off your purchase. 
Uniqso is also having a buy one get one free sale, so check it out! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

UNIQSO's Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu wig review

I decided to do a different review this time.
I needed a wig for my Naruko (Yowamushi Pedal) cosplay and for that, I piked a straight red wig. 
The wig I chose is this one:

The wig is quite thick and it had quite some hair, which I found perfect for the character I want to use it for.
The color is very pretty red.
There's no plastic shine to the wig and it's hear resistant - perfect for spiking!

After some styling, the wig came out like this. 
It has a lot of hair, so it was easy to spike it up and give it some more volume! 
I used just a bit of wax on the tips to keep the spikes in place, otherwise it'd look like I have a bed hair.

I didn't cut this wig at all, so the cut was already good enough for this hairstyle. 
I really like the color of the wig and how poofy it can get.

I don't think this style works for the character I will use the wig for, but it looked really cute, so I just had to take photos with the wig as it was.

I'm really satisfied with how little the wig changes color under warm and cold light. It only looks orange under strong yellow light. Under natural light and sunlight, the wig looks red.

I feel like the wig is really flattering to my skin color and face shape. This is my favorite wig I got from them so far and I think that the price really does the wig justice! You get exactly what you pay for!

The color of the wig is really vibrant, but not neon, so it works really well for red hair characters. 

Also... about UNIQSO's service: they are really quick to ship the packages! My orders take between 2-5 working days to be processed and shipped and that's really quick compared to the time my eBay orders take to be shipped. 
Their express shipping is processed much faster and the orders tend to be shipped within 2 working days!

I also made a wig styling tutorial for this wig, so please check that out! 

And finally, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" to get 10% off your order at UNIQSO!

Monday, December 12, 2016

jcpunk's Noctis wig

This is my first time doing a review on jcpunk's wigs. I have prevously ordered many wigs from them, but I never got a chance to review them...
As I got my Noctis wig from them, I thought I could do a post about it!

The store has a very good communication and is quick to reply and ship.
The wig was sent by registered post and it took a month to arrive to me.
It didn't get stuck at customs, which was a blessing.

The item photo in their store is this:

And the wig I received from them was that exact same color, however it was unstyled - obviously.

The color is a mix of blue and grey fibers. It looks very pretty and it changes color depending on the light camera settings. 
Ir came in with a wig cap and a business card.

It took me a while to style the wig, but this was the result.
I think that the color suits noctis, as his hair changes color a lot from art to art, but I would still like to dye it a little bit darker so it suits my face and my cosplay color better.

The color can look more blue under stronger light and more grey under natural light. 
The wig is thick and quite easy to style for Noctis. 
I believe that this wig can still take some more styling but for now, I'm satisfied with it.

The wig is heat resistant, but be careful and control your heat so you don't melt down the fibers in case your hair iron is too hot.

I took this wig to the con last weekend and I got really nice comments on it! I'm so glad people liked the color and the styling. 
It was a really big challenge for me to make this wig work, but I did it!

The only downside I found in this wig is that the fibers on the back cannot be spiked up as much as I'd like. I really wanted to make a duck butt hairstyle, but the fibers didn't stay up high enough... 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more photos! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Uniqso's lolita wig Y and Lens Flavour's super pinky bright red lenses review

Finally posting this review!
The wig I am reviewing is from Uniqso and you can find it here!
I thought it would look cute to review it in the kigurumi I got from this store last year, so here's the link to it too! The kigurumi is very warm and super comfortable to wear at home during the winter, so consider getting one if you like soft pajamas!

Anyway, about the wig...
I ordered this wig to use for my Mia Fey cosplay, but unfortunately that won't happen, so I decided to use it for natural looks instead!

As expected, the wig is very thick and it has beautiful color. It could be used as a fashion item easily! It's heat resistant and quite easy to brush, but unfortunately, it tangles easily as well!
I had to put on some detangling spray before using it so it wouldn't get damaged with brushing - it did prevent it from tangling as much! 
Detangling sprays are amazing for long hair and long wigs!

The wig is layered and the cut really gives it some volume while it prevents the wig from being too heavy on your head. It's really comfortable to wear and very easy to style.
I am really curious about how this wig will look once i straigthen it. I will make sure to post photos later!

The net is not visible, which makes the wig much easier to wear as you dont have to worry about your hair showing underneath or something. Uniqso's wigs are often like this and that's why I love them so much!

I recently cut my hair short, so having a long wig same color as my hair is really nice!

Off to lenses... I got these lenses simply because I always wanted to try the popular Super Pinky Bright Red model. Unfortunately Uniqso doesn't sell these series, so I got them from Lens Flavors and I love them!

The lenses are very comfortable to wear and they don't enlarge my eyes a lot, so they are vey fitting for male cosplays I plan to do! I cannot wait to wear them for a cosplay with different sort of makeup.
I have very sensitive eyes, but I managed to wear these for quite some time and I'm happy with how they blend in with my natural eye color. They don't cover my iris completely and they still look very unnatural, but this lens model is great for brigt eyes as the pupil hole is smaller and the lens covers your iris almost completely!

I am really satisfied with these items and am looking forward to wearing them often! 
Don't forget to check both stores out and use the coupon code "Mashetato" at Uniqso for 10% off! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

UNIQSO's Shingeki no Kyojin - Reiner wig

Today I did something different from my usual reviews. 
I tried a different makeup style and different type of wig for this look! I hope you like it!
For the photos, I used the following wig:

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Blonde
Wig Length: 30cm

To start, this wig is heat resistant and you will get it as spiky as in the product photo.
The cut is not very pretty, since it looks like a straight cut, but it is fixable with a little trimming. 

The wig is incredibly short, so make sure you tuck your hair under it very well, otherwise it will show...!

I got this wig to cosplay Fukutomi Juichi with my friends and am really pleased with how the wig looks, however, it's a style that won't suit anyone - it doesn't suit me at all!

The color is not only yellow. It's a mix of blond and yellow fibers, which give it a slightly natural bleached blond shade. 

The wig is pretty thick despite being short, but even so I don't think it's possible to spike the back up because of the way it was sewn. The wig is very flat on the back. 
You can brush it with some hairspray/hairgel to give it a different look tho!

The top was tricky to style, since I never styled such short wig before, but I managed to do it! You have quite some hair to work on the top, so don't worry - you can spike it up or straigthen it down. You can even cut it shorter if needed!

I did not style this wig much as I wanted to keep the original style in case you wanted to know how it looks exactly, but I do advise you to give it a slight trim on the sides and on the back to layer it.

Anyways, I think the wig looks real cool and it's great if you want to cosplay Fukutomi or Reiner! There's no shine to it, so, if you like it, you can even wear it daily since the fiber looks pretty natural! However, it's a flashy color, so I'm not sure how natural it will look... haha.

In case you decide to shop at Uniqso, please remember that I have a coupon code that gives you 10% off and it's "Mashetato"! 

Happy shopping! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Miccostumes' Howl's Moving Castle Cosplay Costume review

I have just received a costume I was eyeing for a long time and I'm so happy with it! 
Howl's a really beautiful character and I was so happy when the costume arrived to me - although I had to wait about a month for it to be made and a month for it to be delivered, it was totally worth it! 

You can find the costume here and the wig here. Together they cost 85.99$! If you would like to buy this costume alone and Sophie's dress, the price is only 108.99$!

The costume came in with: pants, jacket, shirt, necklace, wig and wig cap.

The pants are made out of polyester and are high waisted. They fit me well, however they are a centemeter too short - but that's alright! Miccostumes left about 3cm of seam allowance so I can make them longer! The pants close with a zipper and a snap button - the front two buttons are fake. If you are afraid the pants will open, you can replace the snap button by real on easily! Also, there's some seam allowance on the inside of pants, so you can make them larger if needed,

The jacket is made out of thin suede or peach skin type of fabric. It's very soft, however it can be tricky to iron, so I recommend you to be careful with it. The color is perfect and it's fully lined with red lining fabric. The sleeves have beige cuffs that are made out of sythetic fabric. The costume is also covered with metalic pleather bias tape. I always loved metalic pleather, so I'm very happy they used it on the jacket. It works real well! The only downside I can point here is that they were not very caraful about cutting the pleather on the inside and it can look a little uneaven, but you can cut it yourself, so no worries! 
NOTE: The jacket color is accurate to the website's product photo.

The shirt is my favourite piece of this costume. It's made out of chiffon fabric and I love it! It's very light and it feels very comfortable to wear. The shirt is quite baggy, which is perfect for howl. It's long enough and it's carefully sewn, so the fabric doesn't fray. The ruffles look adorable and the top part is lined, so no one can see your binder or bra or whatever you want to wear under the shirt! The shirt also has adorable little buttons that look like peals.

The necklace's stone is made out of glass. I was so scared it would get broken if I dropped it, but it turns out it's pretty resistant - try not dropping it tho! The chain is a regular metal chain and the stone is attached to it by thread... I'm not so sure this is safe, so make sure you replace the string for something stronger like a metal ring!

The wig is what surprised me the most on this cosplay! It's absolutely AMAZING. I was expecting it to be a cheap halloween wig, as the photo on website didn't show the wig very well and was scared I'd have to buy a new wig for Howl, but it turns out that this wig is extremely thick and it did not come styled. It came longer and I had to style it myself - which is great! I don't like pre styled wig as they might not cover my forehead well or might be too short/too long for me, so getting a wig I could style myself was great! I'm extremely happy with it.
The wig is also heat resistant, but only up to 160ÂșC, otherwise it might melt. The color is blonde, mixed with yellow and in the photos above you can see how the wig looks under different sorts of light. I took the photos during the cloudy weather, so the wig looked blond and golden, but once the sun showed out, the wig looked much more vibrant. I don't mind it tho, as I like how the color compliments my skin!

Here are some of the photos I took wearing this costume.
The costume is a perfect fit on me and I feel really beautiful in it. The pants really define my legs and make them look longer and slimmer. The shirt looks very elegant while tucked inside the pants. Both of these pieces hide my belly, making me appear thinner!
The jacket is quite big on me, but Howl's jacket is meant to be big, so it's excellent. It stays properly on my shoulders and it's wearable in case I get cold! 

I cropped my feet out of the photo because I will need to make the pants just 1cm or 2cm longer so they cover my shoes a little.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this costume. I love howl and I am really happy with how I look as him!
I feel like my self esteem boosts over 9000 when I see myself in this cosplay!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check their store out!