Central Comics Fest 2015: GANGSTA. & Zankyou no Terror photoshoots

I am using this blog to drop down the best of our photoshoot photos! I've also decided that I could talk about some cons I attend as well! 

Last year we had a mini cosplay convention where I got to cosplay with the amazing Usachan! We had planned our Zankyou no Terror photoshoot for a while and it was awesome that we could do it at this con!


We got to photoshoot with Eiki and Tiago Vasconcelos!
The photos came our so pretty and we even tried recreating some of the fanarts!

I also got to cosplay with Lop, Eiki and Filipa again!
We managed to gather the whole GANGSTA. group like a week before the con and we got these amazing photos thanks to Sid and Akbal!

I have to admit that cosplaying Worick was a little weird for me, since I was the shortest of them all, but in the end I think that the photos came out real well and we should definitely cosplay this again someday!

This con was incredibly fun and I'm really happy to have all these amazing people in my life.