Love Live (school uniform) cosplay review

Love Live! has been one of my favorite things lately! I loved the anime, but I love the game and side stories even more. I love every single one of the characters and I wanted to cosplay all of them, however I cannot afford to cosplay 9 girls and all other planned cosplays I have for this year, so I decided to purchase their cosplay uniform and cosplay all of them (if possible)! 

You can find the cosplay uniform here.
You can find the wig here (you can get 10% off if you use the coupon code "Mashetato")

I know it's not a website and that it's only an eBay store, but it costed 35$ and that's good enough for me!

I'm not fond of buying cosplays online for one reason only: bad quality fabric.
It doesn't matter if it's a store that specializes in cosplays or if it's taobao or eBay. The fabric is usually the same: cheap polyester aka uniform fabric. So, if I ever find a cheap costume I myself cannot make and that I can use for more than one character or more than one time, I buy it!

When it came to this cosplay, WindiCos and I searched all over the internet for cheap costume with decent feedback... we checked eBay, aliexpress, taobao and even more expensive stores that specialize in cosplay selling. We even checked the fabrics so we could make this ourselves and the best option ended up being eBay. It wasn't only the cheapest, but it was also the one with the best feedback and with accurate skirt design. Jacket color is a little off, but it's much easier to dye a jacket than to remake the skirt because the bottom line is dark blue and not light blue.

We purchased our cosplays and they arrived super fast. 
Items included were: Coat+Skirt+Bow (no shirt)
And as expected, the fabric was the cheap polyester - funny how even the store with more expensive cosplay had it in same fabric as this one.

Bow lines are printed on fabric, however if you'd like a satin bow, I suggest you to order it here.

Buttons are made of plastic, but they look real pretty! 

Skirt is made of thicker fabric than the jacket and the design is printed. There are little white-ish lines on some parts of the skirt from the folding but they arent very visible.

After trying this costume, I noticed that it's a little tight on the back, so I cannot move too much in it. The waist is not tight enough for my taste, but after checking my other blazers, this seems normal for uniform clothing. I do not advise you to order a size bigger or smaller than your own because it will feel too tight or too loose when you dress it up. 

I made a few gifs to show you the costume!

(the skirt stretches and it doesn't lose the pleats, so if you're bigger, don't worry about the skirt size! Make sure the blazer fits you and I'm sure the skirt will too! Or, you know... contact the store for help with the waist size?)

Overall, I'm satisfied with this costume! It was cheap and I couldn't have asked for something better for that price.