School uniform cosplay shoes review

I never thought I'd write a review on shoes, but oh well...

I needed shoes for my Love Live! cosplay and after a long struggle finding ones in correct size and with a heel, these came up. The price was a little too much for me, since I could've purchased them from the seller's sister store for cheaper if they had my size (unfortunately the price went up so it makes no difference now). 

Despite slow shipping and customs check (for which I paid nothing), the shoes arrived to me.
They are very lovely and they came in with feet pads, however... they are a wrong model.

I purchased the matte ones, but I received these. Glossy. 
I was looking forward to matching WindiCos' shoes, which are matte, but I guess these will do. I have contacted the seller about this mistake anyway just so that he can be more careful next time.

They look really pretty when worn and are pretty comfortable despite being smaller than I thought they'd be. I purchased my size but it seems that I should've looked for a bigger number... 

I'm not so sure my feet will survive in these shoes for a con, but  I can definitely use them for a photoshoot!
What is cosplay without a little pain?

Anyway, if you're looking to buy these, make sure you check the size twice and don't rush into buying something that is small or big on you like I did!