UNIQSO's black sheer thigh stockings review

This might be the strangest review I have done so far, but I'm so pleased with these tights that I did my best to pose properly for the photos.

These tights are from Uniqso and, honestly speaking, when I first saw them I thought that I could get them on eBay. But then again, I needed ones for Nozomi, Tojo from Love Live! as my stockings slide down my legs, so I gave these a try.

Processing Time: 3-4 working days
Material: Cotton
Season: Spring and Winter
Size: 155-170cm

As I mentioned, I expected these to be similar to my eBay nylon stockings I got in different color. I expected these to feel cheap and to be used twice and thrown away. To my surprise, they were made out of two different fabrics. Nylon is used for the top part, which is transparent, and the stocking part is made of thicker cotton-ish fabric.

These tights are tight on the upper part of my legs. They squeeze my legs a little and make them look slimmer. This was something I didn't expect at all upon trying them on. 
They also stretch quite a lot, so they are perfect for tall girls! I'm 170cm tall and I could've stretched them up more.
Sadly, I cannot recommend these to bigger people as they don't stretch a lot on the upper part of your leg... However, if you want to give them a try, go ahead!

Here you can see that the tights are one piece.
I love how these look like real stockings and are warm.
The big plus about getting these is that they won't slide down like the real stockings do.

 I thought about getting another model that was more plain, but I felt like these are something Nozomi would wear. These are the perfect mix of cute and sexy!

You can check the store for more models and colors! I really recommend you all to try these! 

If you are going to shop at the store, please use the coupon code "Mashetato" so you can get 10% off your purchase!