Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Devil May Cry 4: Nero

I was waiting to make a post on this for a while now, but I never had any time on my hands... 

Nero has been my dream cosplay ever since I first played Devil May Cry 4. He's a characer I grew up with and I always wished I could be as pretty and as strong as he is... 
For some reason, even today, I still see him as an inspiration and wish I could be like him. 

I started this cosplay in 2014 according to my facebook, as that was when I got the fabrics for him, but only this year have I had the courage to sew it. 
I got patterns for his coat from WindiCos and from J.Hart Design, but, even with their patterns, I still can't reach their level...
The patterns for his vest were taken out from BurdaStyle magazine and were modified by me.

Fabrics used for this cosplay are pleather, blue denim, red twill and red cotton.
Pleather is for the vest and harness, blue denim is for the coat, red twill is for the sleeves and back of the vest and red cotton was used for the lining. I was about to use actual lining fabric, but I didn't think that shiny red fabric would look any good for Nero.

I took two crappy photos with my phone of he patterns and the mockup of the coat. I had to see if it would fit me before attempting to make it on the actual fabric.
The size was perfect except on the lapels, which I had to cut a bit smaller. 

When I was satisfied with my pattern, I moved to draw it and cut it out on the fabrics I wanted to make his coat out from. 
This was my first time making a coat and I'm pretty pleased with how the pieces came out! 

Sewing it all together was the tricky part. I had no idea how the lining worked and how I should put the pieces together. Thankfully, WindiCos helped me when I got stuck and I was able to figure some things on my own. I learned a new skill! 

Making the harness was tricky. Reference photos weren't enough and the artbook wasn't much of a help. Only after I was done with the it, I found a photo that explained how it worked and it seems that they are meant to pass to the inside of the coat and be used to close it. I'm a little bit late to do that now and I don't really feel like destroying the coat just for that.

Arm drawing was made with fabric paint and I tried to give it a slightly worn out look. 
I also used golden buttons in stead of silver because they looked better with the fabrics I used.
You can also see what kind of seams I did on the coat and on the harness! 

As I was making the coat, I haven't tried it on until it was completely done! I usually try on my costumes as I'm making them, but, since it was too cold to take off my pajamas for this, I ended up taking the risk of trying it in the end! 
Surprise, surprise... it fits! 
Also, the lining looks so nice! I'm so happy!

Moving on to the vest now...

Nero has some really weird vest. It's meant to be made out of separare pieces and put together with some leather rope, but thanks to my lack of skills and terrible pleather, I had to come up with another way to make it. 

I need to mention that I had to paint this fabric darker. It was vivid red and I was looking to give it some darker look, so I used black acrylic paint, mixed with a bit of water, and I rubbed it on the vest with a tissue. It turned the fabric slightly darker and it gave it an older look.
Then I cut out pieces with the pattern I wanted for this vest and I sewn on the lines with dark red thread on the places I wanted the vest to look as if it was sewn out of differet pieces. I also made tons of small lines to know where to make a hole and pass the leather rope. 

Before any sewing, I put the leather rope on the vest. This was so time consuming that I managed to watch a season of a TV show and do a movie marathon! 

This is how it looked halfway done. 

And the finished result. 
I must admit that this was very difficult to make... Lining pleather this thick and sewing hoodie on it was very time consuming and it broke a lot of my needles. 

I also didn't try the vest on until it was done because I forgot. I was so focused on sewing it well that I never remembered to try it on myself. I'm surprised it actually fits me! Also, two way zipper costed me a kidney, but it was worth it!

And, finally... the props.
I have only made two of them so far, but pretty soon I will make the rest of them.

I was going to make his gun from the scratch, but I found this one for 1€ in a toy store and I decided to buy it. Painting it was a pain because spray paint doesn't stick well to this kind of material, so I will have to be super careful with it. It still needs the blue rose on it.

As for Yamato, I got the base blade from eBay. The wooden blade was 5€, much cheaper than if I bought the wood and cut it myself. I must admit that I'm not very good at making the props, so I just went ahead and bought this. 
I made the tsuba myself out of worbla and craft foam! 
I used metalic silver car paint for the blade and golden car paint for the tsuba. Black car paint was used for the handle and it was covered with white rope!

Time spent on this:
Coat- 12hours
Vest- 24 hours
Blue Rose - 3 hours
Yamato - 4 days (I didn't work on it for 4 days, but the primer and paint took a while to dry, so during 4 days I would prime it, sand it, paint it, etc.)

I still need to style the wig, make the Devil Bringer and Red Queen, leg harness and bracelet. I will update this post once I'm done!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

UNIQSO'S LOVE STAGE!! cosplay wig

It's been quite some time since I actually cosplayed a boy...
I had this wig from UNIQSO on my wish list since a year ago, but only now have I had a reason to use it for! 

The wig in question is their Cosplay Wig - LOVE STAGE!!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Blue and black
Wig Length: 32cm

It says that the wig color is blue and black, but it's actually a mix of green fibers of various shades. It's very pretty looking color!

I got this wig with the purpose to use it for my Ryoma Echizen cosplay. When I first watched Prince of Tennis, I fell in love with this little baby and after years and years, I'm finally cosplaying him! Making dreams come true! 

Sorry for the "after styling" wig photos, but the wig I received was just like on the product photo, so I went ahead and played with it just so you can see that despite the middle parting they used on the product photo, I could restyle it easily and cut it into this short hairstyle!

The wig is heat resistant and I love how I didn't need to use too much hairdryer to restyle it. There was no need to use any heat to make the spikes on the bangs. A little wax on the tips did the trick. 
This made me very happy since most of my wigs need a lot of heat to get the proper hairstyle. I usually spend an hour just to get a couple of spikes on the wig so it looks accurate to the character...

The only downside to this wig is that it has a little bit too much hair on the front. I'm not sure if the character the wig is meant for has poofy bangs, but I had to trim it a lot to get this hairstyle. But it's still better to have a lot of hair than little hair, haha!

When I was about to purchase this wig, I was scared it would be too green or blue (because of the description), but it came just as on the photo and I LOVE IT! After styling it, I think this wig is perfect for Ryoma and I can't wait to have a photoshoot as him this summer. 

Lenses are from UNIQSO and they are Sweety Bargello Brown (super vibrant and comfy! 10/10!)

If you're going to buy from this store, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" at checkout for 10% off your order.

Useful links: 
Please know that the lenses used here are from UNIQSO and you can read the review here.

Friday, April 8, 2016

UNIQSO's Raymon and Arima Kousei wigs

It's been a while since I did a review on a boyish wig. I guess I have started cosplaying more and more girls lately and I just left all the male characters I like hanging! Haha~

Last month I got two wigs from UNIQSO and I decided to costest my favorite Matsuno brothers before I style the wigs for the cosplays I got them for.

The wigs I got were Raymon and Arima Kousei wigs. I used Raymon wig to costest Karamatsu Matsuno and I used Arima Kousei wig to costest Ichimatsu Matsuno.

This wig has a slightly bowlish cut it has the top similar to the long wigs, which makes it difficult to style in case you're looking to do something crazy with this wig.

For me, it's perfect as I really needed a wig with a bowlish cut to use for my Karamatsu Matsuno cosplay this summer!

The wig is so soft and silky! The fibers are heat resistant and the wig has a lot of them, so you dont have to worry about your hair showing under it.

The front is not very long, so if you are looking for a wig with longer front, this is not for you! But if you want to go for the Matsunos, this wig might be perfect fot you!

The second wig I got, I styled it and used it to costest Ichimatsu Matsuno!

This wig is similar to Raymon wig in terms of length and fiber quantity. The fibers are also heat resistant and soft. The only difference between these is that Arima Kousei's wig doesn't have the lacey top and you can style it as you want. 

I'm looking to cut this wig short for another cosplay! The wig has enough fibers to be cut real short, so I hope I don't mess it up! 

I'm super satisfied with these wigs! UNIQSO's wigs are always my favorite. They are always so thick and easy to style! 
If you're going to buy from this store, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" at checkout for 10% off your order.

Useful links: 
Please know that the lenses used here are from UNIQSO and you can read the review here.