UNIQSO'S LOVE STAGE!! cosplay wig

It's been quite some time since I actually cosplayed a boy...
I had this wig from UNIQSO on my wish list since a year ago, but only now have I had a reason to use it for! 

The wig in question is their Cosplay Wig - LOVE STAGE!!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Blue and black
Wig Length: 32cm

It says that the wig color is blue and black, but it's actually a mix of green fibers of various shades. It's very pretty looking color!

I got this wig with the purpose to use it for my Ryoma Echizen cosplay. When I first watched Prince of Tennis, I fell in love with this little baby and after years and years, I'm finally cosplaying him! Making dreams come true! 

Sorry for the "after styling" wig photos, but the wig I received was just like on the product photo, so I went ahead and played with it just so you can see that despite the middle parting they used on the product photo, I could restyle it easily and cut it into this short hairstyle!

The wig is heat resistant and I love how I didn't need to use too much hairdryer to restyle it. There was no need to use any heat to make the spikes on the bangs. A little wax on the tips did the trick. 
This made me very happy since most of my wigs need a lot of heat to get the proper hairstyle. I usually spend an hour just to get a couple of spikes on the wig so it looks accurate to the character...

The only downside to this wig is that it has a little bit too much hair on the front. I'm not sure if the character the wig is meant for has poofy bangs, but I had to trim it a lot to get this hairstyle. But it's still better to have a lot of hair than little hair, haha!

When I was about to purchase this wig, I was scared it would be too green or blue (because of the description), but it came just as on the photo and I LOVE IT! After styling it, I think this wig is perfect for Ryoma and I can't wait to have a photoshoot as him this summer. 

Lenses are from UNIQSO and they are Sweety Bargello Brown (super vibrant and comfy! 10/10!)

If you're going to buy from this store, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" at checkout for 10% off your order.

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Please know that the lenses used here are from UNIQSO and you can read the review here.