CosplayHouse's Radu Barvon wig review

Recently I have received a wig from CosplayHouse!
As many of you know, CosplayHouse is one of the oldest costume and wig stores and most cosplayers from my time only dreamed to purchase their stuff at that store!
Reviews on the costumes were always so good and the wigs always looked really nicely styled.

Unfortunately, since eBay and Aliexpress offer such cheap wigs and costumes, I am here to do a review on a wig I got from CosplayHouse and tell you if it's worth paying more for their wig or if you should buy it elsewhere.

To begin this review, I got a wig for Radu Barvon from Trinity Blood. The link to the wig is here
I've changed through wigs for this cosplay and they never looked good enough, so I went ahead and asked for this specific wig to be made by CosplayHouse.

Before I go any further, I want to inform you that it took me about 2 months to get the item delivered to my address and here's why: as written on their website, they take comissions and not all items are in stock, so they have to get the wig and style it for you. It can take from 4 to 8 weeks to get the item ready for you! 

I did not mind waiting, as this was a wig I trully wanted and was in no rush to wear it for my cosplay. 

After the shipment, the wig arrived to me within 2 days via FedEx. 
The wig was shipped in a box, so it wouldn't get smashed by the carriers and it was packaged with one wig cap.

Now, the review of the product and the photos you've all been waiting for:

This is the wig I received. It's made out of very thin fibers and it's not very thick, however, it's heat resistant and the net doesn't show through. 
At first, the wig seemed very "cheap", since I thought I would receive a very thick wig, but after trying it on, I really liked it! The cut is real nice and the ponytail isn't as thick as my previous one was! It's very light on my head and it looks very pretty. 

The color is a mix of blue and black fibers that give it that dark blue shade. In some photos, the wig looked actually black and on strong light it looked blue.
I really like the color, specially since I haven't owned a wig of this color in years! It's very pretty looking.

Considering it's a Radu wig, it makes sense for it not to be very thick, so his turban and hats fit the cosplayer's head properly.

So... is this wig really worth the price listed on the website? Well, you gotta think for yourself. Just like to any other comissioner, you pay for the wig, the styling and the shipping. I believe the price-quality relation is very good and the wig is very affordable in case you do not know how to style your wigs.
I am very bad at wig styling, so this was a jackpot for me and I couldn't be happier! 

Here are some more photos I took of this wig with my cellphone!

If you're looking for a store that sells quality costumes and wigs, I honestly do recommend you CosplayHouse. They have great feedback and communication, however, you need to order your items way before you need them because their processing time is a little slower than usual.

But it's totally worth the wait!