LensFlavors' Super Pinky Wine Red

This review took me longer to do than the usual, but the weather and light were very bad lately, so I couldn't get any nice pics...

Anyway, here's a review on these sweet lenses I got from LensFlavors
They are Super Pinky Wine Red $28.90 (shipping included)!

The lenses, as you can guess, are very comfortable and look amazing on my eyes! 
I have blue eyes, so wearing any sort of lenses is difficult as they might not show well or they will look very weird... 
Super Pinky has the perfect design for both light and dark eyes. The design is pretty natural and it blends in with the natural iris. 

I like how the lenses aren't a vibrant red and don't pop out too much as this was the look I was going for! 
I would love to try the bright red lenses as well one day, but for now these are just perfect! 

The customer service of this store is great. They are super nice and quick to reply. I loved how kind they were to me and how quickly they shipped the lenses to me! 
I also got the lenses within two weeks after the shipment.

If you are interested in buying lenses such as Super Pinky and G&G, but don't wish to give out your credit card information, I strongly advise you to purchase your lenses in this store as they allow you to pay with PayPal and that's a huge plus!