Thursday, July 21, 2016

Momoko Lens Shop's Kotoba Viga 3 Tones Gold review

I found Momoko Lens Shop through instagram. Their account had such pretty lens variety I have never seen before. The brands seemed quite unknown to me, so I was afraid they were not a legit store, however when I checked a little deeper, they also sold lenses I already owned, which was the reason that pushed me ahead to try their lenses!

Their store is facebook based. Despite being a little different way to order and it might be scary, they accept PayPal, so there's nothing to worry! Your money will be in a safe place! 
The communication with the store was really easy and they were quite friendly, which made me very comfortable to talk to them and to question about their lenses.
I chose the Viga 3T Gold lenses to review as I can never get enough of yellowish lenses and, I gotta admit, I wanted to see just how vibrant these were! 
The lenses were out of stock at the moment, but it didn't take them long to stock them and to ship them to me. I was really happy with this service!

Now, to the interesting part! 
Here's a comparation shot between my Sweety Brown lenses and Kotoba Viga 3 tone lenses! 
Can you see how much more vibrant Kotoba lenses are? 

I know my eyes are very bright, but the lenses look AMAZING! I am so pleased with them that I can't express how much I love them! 
I am sure they would look just as vibrant on darker eyes since ther's no transparency to them.

The lenses are very comfortable. I was afraid they would be uncomfy or that they would hurt my eyes, as it's a brand I never tried before, but they actually feel pretty good!

Asides from the strong color, I really like how there lenses don't have the halloween design to them. They look as natural as possible and I'm sure that if I had chosen a color similar to my eye color, they would look very natural. 

I would really recommend you to break the ice and try the lenses from this store out in case you really need some vibrant lenses for daily wear or cosplay! They have a big variety of lenses to the point where they sell character lenses as well! 

The shipping was very fast and the lenses didn't go to customs, which is very pleasant, considering that all things I order have to pass through customs...

I can definitely say that these are my favorite yellow lenses and that I can't wait to wear them for a bigger photoshoot! I love how they look on my eyes and how little of my natural eye color shows!

Overall, I am super happy with the service and the product and I do recommend you to try this store out! However, you should propabaly expect not to receive the lens case (I didn't receive it), so make sure you get one! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Miccostumes' Noiz cosplay costume and wig review

Second cosplay review on this blog and I gotta say, I couldn't wait to post this review! 
I don't usually wear pre made costumes, but this one was a costume I really couldn't figure out how to make on my own and I couldn't find the fabrics in right colors, so I just ordered this one from Miccostumes!

Miccostumes is an online store that sells affordable cosplay costumes, wigs, props and acessories, sometimes with free shipping. The store updates their stock and variety of items weekly, so you can expect it to have the latest series' costumes in stock! In case you cannot find the costume you're looking for, they accept comissions! 

Before I review the costume, I want you to know that I have previously looked at other stores and reviews to compare the quality and the price, so I can tell you if this is worth the purchase or not. 

Miccostumes uses their own product photos on their websites and they constantly share more photos on their social media pages, so you can be sure that what you're buying is the product on the photo and not something else. 

As I was choosing the costume, I was in contact with the store who helped me with my purchase and was very kind and patient, replying to my questions all the time! You have no idea how happy that made me. I love when stores are helpful and so kind to me. I'd definitely recommend you this store for the customer service only!

But customer service isn't enough to satisfy a customer, hence why I'm doing a review on this cosplay and tell you how satisfied I am with it.

The costume I ordered is this one. 

Which is meant to include the following items:

I don't think I have received the leg warmers, however I intended to use tights under this cosplay, so that's alright. I'm sure if I contacted the store about the leg warmers, they'd ship them right away!
Asides from the missing leg warmers, I have received all of the other items and they came in a pretty big package!
I was afraid the paper boxes would be smashed, but it seems the post services were gentle with this package. 

I apologize for the cropped feet, but I do not have the shoes yet, so you're getting a review with my feet cropped out. 

The costume I ordered is a female L. I'm usually an S or an M, but I had to order a bigger size because of my height. 
I was worried the costume would be too big on me and that it would need some resizing before wearing, but it actually is a perfect fit! Even the pants fit me perfectly!

I feel like the color is quite more vibrant than you'd see on Noiz, but the good thing is that they tried to make all the greens match well, so you'd not be wearing fifty shades of green. 
The only item that has the color a bit too off, is the hat. It's black instead of blue, tho you can see that in the product's photo, so I'm not complaining. I'm satisfied with what I got regardless!

The fabric used for this costume is polyester. The shirt is fully lined while the pants aren't. You get an under shirt that is also polyester. 
The hat is made out of wool and is lined with soft and warm white fabric.

Costume quality is very nice and it has functional pockets!
It's clear that someone with good sewing skills made this costume.
Despite not being a big fan of polyester, I feel like the fabric worked very well and that for the price you cannot expect it to be made out of cotton or some better fabric.
Please note that almost all costumes bought online are made entirely out of polyester fabric.

Here are more photos of the costume, but this time from the back.
The costume comes with a belt that is made out of pleather. It fits me, but it's really on point. I hope the belt for bigger sizes is bigger as well.
The boxes are made out of cardboard/paper and they came in with hooks and beads. I got extra hooks and beads for them. The boxes came with no instructions on how to fold them, so it was a little tricky figuring it out, but once we did, they were built real quick.
I think the boxes are a little too sensitive to carry in a bag, so make sure you carry  them in a box or something, so they don't get smashed.

The costume came in with the pins and they look great! 

The prints are real nice and not pixelized.

They look real cute! 

The costume also came in with these amazing bracelets! I really love them! They are made out of pleather and attach with snap on buttons.

Also, I got their Noiz wig! 
I think that the wig needs some styling, but since it's covered with the hat, it's okay!
The color is a little bit too yellow, so I'm not sure if you're picky about it or not, but it works well for me! 
The wig is heat resistant and it doesn't have too much hair, since it's meant to be covered by the hat.

I'm very satisfied with this cosplay and I think it does the price justice. For same price or more you can get this costume off another stores, who don't use their own photos, so you cannot expect the costume to look on the photos. Miccostumes makes sure to photograph their product and sell it for affordable price! 

I rate this costume 20/10.

Thanks for reading!

WigSupplier's 80cm Love Live Umi wig review

This is my first time reviewing a wig from WigSupplier, despite buying from them for years already.
This has been one of my favorite cosplay and wig stores and I have gotten quite some of their products and was always so pleased with them.

I usually bought short wigs or long wigs that ended up turned into short wigs, but this time I got an 80cm long wig and I'm going to review it for you! 

So, for starters, WigSupplier is very quick with the shipping and at responding to your emails/messages. I talked to them on facebook and got replies instantly. They are very kind and easy to understand despite not having the perfect English. They communicate way better than many US or UK stores, so that's a huge plus.

The wig I received from them was their Umi wig from Love Live

  • Color: blue grey
  • EST. SHIPPING WT. : 395g
  • Material: Synthetic High Temp Fiber
  • Cap Construction: Capless
  • Cap Size: Average 
I believe the color was described wrongly as the actual color is blue and black instead of grey... But that's alright as you get the wig that's on the photo and not in the description!

As you can see, the wig is very long and it has a dark color to it. It's blue and black, so the color might vary on the photos and camera settings... Under sunlight and stronger lights, the wig looks very blue. These photos were taken indoors with natural soft light.

The wig is long, so expect some tangles. I used silicone spray on it and it worked magic. The wig became much easier to brush and keep in place! So, if you're going for a long wig, make sure you get yourself a silicone spray.

The wig is layered, so the top is much thicker than the bottom. This makes the wig much lighter on the head and easy to handle compared to many other long wigs with straight cut. 
The wig is also heat resistant, so it was very easy to style it for our Love Live! photoshoot.

The net of the wig is not visible and the fibers are well sewn to the wig. 
I think that the wig is really worth the price and that it's a great wig for Umi since it has beautiful color and the right length for her.

Overall, this wig is amazing and the store workers are very kind. I really enjoy shopping in their store and am very happy with the items I receive from them. 
I really do advise you to shop in their store when you need quality wigs for cheap!

Video review coming soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

ROLECOS' 100cm long light brown straight fashion wig review

This is the first time I'm doing a review for RoleCos, however I have been their customer for years and I thought I should share my experience with you.

First of all, RoleCos is a cosplay store that sells quality costumes and wigs for very affordable price. I have been purchasing their items for quite some time, together with my friends and I'm happy to know that some of you started buying from them as well thanks to my recommendations. 

RoleCos has a very nice customer service and they are very patient and kind. I was so happy with the way they treated me and how they assisted me during the whole delivery process! They would question if my wig has arrived and if everything was okay, which made me quite happy since stores usually don't bother with knowing if the customers received the items or if they are pleased with what they got.

I received a long brown wig from them, which you can find here
 Wig Material:  Synthetic High Temp Fiber
 Category: Fashion Wigs
 Cap Construction: Capless
 Wig Type: Long
 Wig Length: 100cm/39.37inch
 Color: Light brown
 Net Weight: 0.490kg
 Shipping Weight: 0.500kg
 Features: This long hair is a light brown straight wig, you can wear it in your cosplay praty and daily life, too.

The wig was shipped super quick and it arrived to my country within two weeks - this is perfect if you need a wig to arrive in a short time! Most of my wigs take up to five weeks to arrive. 

Upon receiving it, I noticed that the wig is pretty thick and heavy, so you can really expect the net and your hair to be completely covered. The wig is not light brown tho, it's just as on the picsture and it's quite dark. If you're looking for a lighter color, you can check their other long brown wigs out!

To try this wig on, I got in Windi's Lisa Lisa cosplay, as I had no other costume I could wear with this wig yet. 
As you can see, this wig is very long! It is even longer than the skirt I am wearing. 
The wig is pretty thick, which can cause you some trouble because of the tangling, but I tried this method recently and it prevented my wigs from tangling as much!

Despite being a very heavy wig, it didn't feel heavy on my head. It actually felt pretty light. It was a little difficult for me to wear a wig this long, but I am going to style it, so 100cm is not a problem for me, but if you really need a wig this long, you should consider getting yourself a detangling spray so you can keep the wig in place. Detangling sprays cost about 5-8$ and they are a huge help! 

I think that this wig doesn't look shiny unless it's under a strong light, like sunlight. The wig has a natural shine to it and the color seems pretty natural as well.
The fact that the wig doesn't lose hair is a huge plus, since it proves that the wig has quality.

I'm not so sure if the price corresponds to the quality since it seemed quite cheap for something this good! The wig is also heat resistant, so the price is amazing for what you get! 

Overall, this wig is 20/10. 
It's very long and heat resistant. The wig is thick and has natural color and shine to it. The price is quite good for what you get and I really recommend you to purchase wigs from their store!

Expect a video review by the end of this week! I'm currently editing the video!