Momoko Lens Shop's Kotoba Viga 3 Tones Gold review

I found Momoko Lens Shop through instagram. Their account had such pretty lens variety I have never seen before. The brands seemed quite unknown to me, so I was afraid they were not a legit store, however when I checked a little deeper, they also sold lenses I already owned, which was the reason that pushed me ahead to try their lenses!

Their store is facebook based. Despite being a little different way to order and it might be scary, they accept PayPal, so there's nothing to worry! Your money will be in a safe place! 
The communication with the store was really easy and they were quite friendly, which made me very comfortable to talk to them and to question about their lenses.
I chose the Viga 3T Gold lenses to review as I can never get enough of yellowish lenses and, I gotta admit, I wanted to see just how vibrant these were! 
The lenses were out of stock at the moment, but it didn't take them long to stock them and to ship them to me. I was really happy with this service!

Now, to the interesting part! 
Here's a comparation shot between my Sweety Brown lenses and Kotoba Viga 3 tone lenses! 
Can you see how much more vibrant Kotoba lenses are? 

I know my eyes are very bright, but the lenses look AMAZING! I am so pleased with them that I can't express how much I love them! 
I am sure they would look just as vibrant on darker eyes since ther's no transparency to them.

The lenses are very comfortable. I was afraid they would be uncomfy or that they would hurt my eyes, as it's a brand I never tried before, but they actually feel pretty good!

Asides from the strong color, I really like how there lenses don't have the halloween design to them. They look as natural as possible and I'm sure that if I had chosen a color similar to my eye color, they would look very natural. 

I would really recommend you to break the ice and try the lenses from this store out in case you really need some vibrant lenses for daily wear or cosplay! They have a big variety of lenses to the point where they sell character lenses as well! 

The shipping was very fast and the lenses didn't go to customs, which is very pleasant, considering that all things I order have to pass through customs...

I can definitely say that these are my favorite yellow lenses and that I can't wait to wear them for a bigger photoshoot! I love how they look on my eyes and how little of my natural eye color shows!

Overall, I am super happy with the service and the product and I do recommend you to try this store out! However, you should propabaly expect not to receive the lens case (I didn't receive it), so make sure you get one!