Uniqso's Asuka Langley wig review

Hello! Here's another review for Uniqso! I'm so happy with the wig I got, so make sure you read the reiew in case you want to know what's so good about it and why you should get it!

You can find the wig here.

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Orange
Wig Length: 80cm
 I have wanted to cosplay Asuka even before I watched the series. She's quite annoying but I love her regardless! She's such a pretty girl <3

I'm so happy with the wig I got! Unlike my previous wig I got for her, this one is sewn much better on the top and doesn't tangle as much.

The wig is not as shiny as reviews claim it to be. In fact, the wig is barely shiny at all! I really like how natural it looks.

The fibers are heat resistant and have a pretty natural color. The real color of this wig is very similar to my Honoka wig's hair color. It's a natural orange.

I believe I will have to cut at least 20cm of this wig until I can get the right style, but I will use the extra wefts to give more volume to the wig - I will post progress photos.

I was afraid this wig would come in too orange since the review photos seem like the wig was neon color, but it's actually really nice. It's also very comfortable to wear and it isn't too heavy - the fibers are sewn properly so I do not feel the weight of the wig!

Overall, this is my favorite long wig I got from Uniqso! The color is just so flattering!

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