Wigaholics' Fulvous Brown Long Straight 70cm wig review

Recently I've purchased a new wig from Wigaholics and I'm so pleased with it! 
I got their fulvous brown long straight wig and I'm so happy with how it looks and with the items I received with it!

Color: Brown
Length: 69cm(Back), 18cm(Front)
Wig Weight: 0.28kg
Wig Caps Type: Basic Cap
Material: Hiperlon Fiber
Heat Resistant Up to temperature of: 248°F/120°C
What in the box: Wig, Comb & Hair Stand
Parcel Weight: 0.48 KGS

The wig displayed on their website looked medium orange and since it said "brown", I was expecting a wig as on the photo. The wig I received  was actually quite neon-ish orange. 
I chose this wig because the color looked beautiful and the cap construction was interesting. 
I'm a little sad the wig is brighter than on the photo, but I can still use it for what I got it for! No biggie!
I just advise you to make sure you keep in mind that the wig you might get is brighter than on the photos!

The wig is heat resistant and very easy to brush, despite having "stiffer" sort of fibers. It's very easy to keep in place, but it can get tangly a little bit if you don't handle it with care. 

The wig is a little difficult to style, since it has a specific top, however, it's great if you want to cut the bangs shorter!

The wig gets to middle of my back, so it's pretty long, but not long enough to tangle.
I'm glad this wig doesn't tangle nor does it shine too much! 

The bangs are still unstyled and uncut, so you can see how they are! 

In any case, if you're looking for pretty lolita wigs and cosplay wigs that doesn't cost you your soul, you should definitely order from Wigaholics! They are super friendly and will help you choose the right wig for you! They also reply real quick, which is a huge plus!

Overall: I love the wig style and color a lot. It's super thick and very easy to handle. It doesn't get  tangly at all! The only downside to it is that it might be a little bit too neon-ish color, so if you want a more natural color, please choose another wig of theirs!

Please watch my video review for better view on this wig!