Uniqso's Idol Master Ranko wig and Sweety Bargello Violet lenses

I am slightly late with this review, but I hope you like it anyway!
This wig and lenses are from UNIQSO and if you're going to shop there, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" for 10% off your order!

The wig I got is their Ranko wig, that you can find here.

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Grey
Wig Length: 40cm

The wig comes with two clip on ponytails and they are curly.
When I removed them from the package, they were well styled, however the curls didn't hold well when I brushed them. I guess I should have sprayed them with hairspray before brushing too much...

The base wig is really cute and I'm glad I can use it without the ponytails! 
The wig is very thick and heat resistant and it's also really comfortable to wear.
The color is not very silverish as much as it's grey, but it can look silvery under some lights. 

immediately fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the website! I needed a wig for Mieiko, so I went ahead and got this one!

It's also really smooth and easy to brush, but I'd advise you to put some oil and hairspray on those pigtails so they keep their shape.

If this wig is going to be used for Ranko, I'd really recommend you restyling the curls as the transport might damage them! >.<

Overall I really love this wig and can't wait to cosplay Meiko with it <3

I also got a pair of lenses in violet color. I love the Sweety brand, and here's a review on their product as well:
Base Curve: 8.6mm Color Tones: 3 Tones Diameter: 14mm Water Content: 40% Center Thickness: 0.03 - 0.13mm Processing Time: 2-3 working days Replacement Period: 12 months Remarks: Free 1 normal lens case (medium)

It's been a long time since I did a lens review for Uniqso. I haven't been in a need for new lenses yet and my eyes have been mean to me, so I was not able to wear lenses at all recently.

I got these lenses as I was in need of new violet pair and just like the previous lenses from this brand, I was not disappointed.

The lenses are very comfortable despite not having much water content. They are easy to put in and they are pretty visible!

I was not able to wear them for longer than 3h thanks to my eyes being very tired due the lack of sleep, but I ended up managing to wear them for longer after a proper rest!

The only downside to these lenses is that I feel them for a while after putting them on my eye, but they get quite comfortable afterwards.