CosAll's Love Live Sunshine cosplay review + Uniqso's Asuna wig review

First time doing a review on both costume and wig from different stores, but since they are both for the same cosplay, I thought it would be fitting! 

I have been looking for a place I could get my Love Live Sunshine's uniform from and I found it at CosAll! The costume can be custom made - mine was!
Unfortunately the measures of the pre made costumes were too small even tho the size chart said the measures were just like mine, so if you're aiming for pre made costume, make sure you get a size bigger!
I ended up asking for a custom made costume and the store was very kind to make it for me. I added 10cm to my measurements so the costume would fit me well.

The costume comse in with the skirt, shirt, necktie and socks - unfortunately the socks did not fit me, but they are made out of spandex.

The fabric is polyester and the ribbon used here is satin. 
The costume is very easy to iron and it's well made.

The shirt is fully lined with linig fabric. This piece was a bit hard to iron, but I managed it somehow! The sleeves are poofy and there is a zipper on the back.

Here's the photo of the costume on me. I think the costume fits me and the skirt covers everything very well~

The service this store provided me was amazing. They were very kind and quick to reply. The shipping was very fast, but unfortunately the costume went for customs inspection before it arrived to me - no taxes were paid tho! 

- - - - - - - - - -

Next up is the review on Uniqso's Asuna wig

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Brown
Wig Length: 90cm

I got this wig for Hanamaru! Uniqso is always the first place I look up for wigs when I need them for my next cosplays! 
Hanamaru has been one of my favorite girls from the new Love Live anime, so I decided I should cosplay her first! 

I am very sorry for awkward face, but it's very difficult taking photos with a timer! 
Anyway, I have to say that this wig is very goos quality.
It's long and heat resistant.
There's a lot of hair to it, but it is not heavy! I love the color of it, but I have a feeling that the color doesn't really flatter my skin... I should do a proper costest after styling the wig!

The wig has the tendency to tangle, but that can be solved easily with some silicone spray! 

The wig comes with two braids that were made for Asuna, but you can easily take them off if you don't need them. Here's what the wig looks like without the braids.

I feel like this wig will be needing a lot of cutting and styling before I can use it for photoshoot.
I feel a little sad for having to cut it since it's very pretty and long! 

Overall, I rate both products 10/10 and deffinitely recommend you to try the stores out!

If you are going to shop at Uniqso, make sure to use the coupon code "Mashetato" to get 10% off your purchase!