Miccostumes' Howl's Moving Castle Cosplay Costume review

I have just received a costume I was eyeing for a long time and I'm so happy with it! 
Howl's a really beautiful character and I was so happy when the costume arrived to me - although I had to wait about a month for it to be made and a month for it to be delivered, it was totally worth it! 

You can find the costume here and the wig here. Together they cost 85.99$! If you would like to buy this costume alone and Sophie's dress, the price is only 108.99$!

The costume came in with: pants, jacket, shirt, necklace, wig and wig cap.

The pants are made out of polyester and are high waisted. They fit me well, however they are a centemeter too short - but that's alright! Miccostumes left about 3cm of seam allowance so I can make them longer! The pants close with a zipper and a snap button - the front two buttons are fake. If you are afraid the pants will open, you can replace the snap button by real on easily! Also, there's some seam allowance on the inside of pants, so you can make them larger if needed,

The jacket is made out of thin suede or peach skin type of fabric. It's very soft, however it can be tricky to iron, so I recommend you to be careful with it. The color is perfect and it's fully lined with red lining fabric. The sleeves have beige cuffs that are made out of sythetic fabric. The costume is also covered with metalic pleather bias tape. I always loved metalic pleather, so I'm very happy they used it on the jacket. It works real well! The only downside I can point here is that they were not very caraful about cutting the pleather on the inside and it can look a little uneaven, but you can cut it yourself, so no worries! 
NOTE: The jacket color is accurate to the website's product photo.

The shirt is my favourite piece of this costume. It's made out of chiffon fabric and I love it! It's very light and it feels very comfortable to wear. The shirt is quite baggy, which is perfect for howl. It's long enough and it's carefully sewn, so the fabric doesn't fray. The ruffles look adorable and the top part is lined, so no one can see your binder or bra or whatever you want to wear under the shirt! The shirt also has adorable little buttons that look like peals.

The necklace's stone is made out of glass. I was so scared it would get broken if I dropped it, but it turns out it's pretty resistant - try not dropping it tho! The chain is a regular metal chain and the stone is attached to it by thread... I'm not so sure this is safe, so make sure you replace the string for something stronger like a metal ring!

The wig is what surprised me the most on this cosplay! It's absolutely AMAZING. I was expecting it to be a cheap halloween wig, as the photo on website didn't show the wig very well and was scared I'd have to buy a new wig for Howl, but it turns out that this wig is extremely thick and it did not come styled. It came longer and I had to style it myself - which is great! I don't like pre styled wig as they might not cover my forehead well or might be too short/too long for me, so getting a wig I could style myself was great! I'm extremely happy with it.
The wig is also heat resistant, but only up to 160ºC, otherwise it might melt. The color is blonde, mixed with yellow and in the photos above you can see how the wig looks under different sorts of light. I took the photos during the cloudy weather, so the wig looked blond and golden, but once the sun showed out, the wig looked much more vibrant. I don't mind it tho, as I like how the color compliments my skin!

Here are some of the photos I took wearing this costume.
The costume is a perfect fit on me and I feel really beautiful in it. The pants really define my legs and make them look longer and slimmer. The shirt looks very elegant while tucked inside the pants. Both of these pieces hide my belly, making me appear thinner!
The jacket is quite big on me, but Howl's jacket is meant to be big, so it's excellent. It stays properly on my shoulders and it's wearable in case I get cold! 

I cropped my feet out of the photo because I will need to make the pants just 1cm or 2cm longer so they cover my shoes a little.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this costume. I love howl and I am really happy with how I look as him!
I feel like my self esteem boosts over 9000 when I see myself in this cosplay!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check their store out!