Uniqso's Cosplay Wig - Fate/stay night - Shirou Emiya

I was so hyped to do this review, that I took the photos on the same day the wig arrived!

I got Shirou Emiya's wig for a cosplay I will photoshoot this winter with WindiCos and it's *drumrolls* DEFENDER OF JUSTICE SEVEN ZERO SEVEN

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Red
Wig Length: 35cm

As usual, I will start by talking about Uniqso's fantastic service - that we all know of already, but I gotta add this to each review just to let you know that their service quality still stands and that they never disappoint me. 

The wig was shipped to me real quick and they were super kind while talking to me, The wig arrived safely packed with a cardboard to support it so it doesn't get crushed and with a WIG CAP! 

I always tend to lose my wig caps, so it made me happy that they sent me one! 

Now, about the wig...
This wig is a mix of orange and red fibers, which give the wig a really interesting color - making it quite good for Seven! 
I have been looking for a wig for him for quite some time and I'm glad this one works great!

The wig arrived quite spiked up, but it was really easy to straigthen it and to style it. I didn't have to cut anything for him. All I did to this wig was use hairdryer to remove the spikes and add hairspray.

The back still has some spikes, but they are really easy to remove! The wig is also quite thick, so you can cut it shorter if needed.

Despite being a heat resistant wig, I think that the wig itself cannot stand the heat over 180ºC, so be careful if you dont have a hair iron with which you can control the heat.
My hair iron overheats real quick and it melts the fibers down...

I really like how this wig works for Seven, although it's not completely styled. I will have to give it a little bit more poof before the photoshoot but so far, the wig works amazingly! 
The color looks different when the wig is exposed under different light temperatures, so don't be scared if the wig color looks different from expected - it might be your light. 

I tried capturing the wig color the best in these photos and I hope you find them useful.

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