Wig-Supplier's 70cm Mixed Purple and White Long Fashion Wig review

I've been looking at this wig for years now. It's very beautiful and I really wanted to try it, however I never had any idea what for to use it, so I never got it until now...
I needed a wig to cosplay Luchino Gregoretti with Windi once more!

Color: Mixed Purple and White
Material: Synthetic High Temp Fiber
Cap Construction: Capless
Cap Size: Average 

So this is the photo of how the wig actually looks like! 
It was shipped real quick and it arrived to me without passing at the customs - bless!
It arrived with a wig cap and it was protected with cardboard, so the curls don't get damaged.

The wig is pretty thick and lightweight! It's very comfortable to wear and it's easy to style!
The gradient is only on the tips of the fibers, so if you chop it off, you'll lose the gradient.
I have this same wig in blond and I really love it! I used the blond wig for Worrick and I will be using this one for Luchino! 

The wig is pretty long and has no plastic shine. It's a mix of purple and pink fibers, so the wig looks really pretty.
The wig is also very easy to brush and it has hooks inside it to adjust the size.

The customer service of this store is amazing. They are quick to reply and they are very kind to me! I love them! 
If you have any questions regarding any of the items from their store, just message them and I'm sure they will be of huge help!

Overall: I really love this wig. It's very thick and it can be cut short without the net showing. There are wigs like this in other colors too, so make sure to check it out!

If you buy anything in this store, make sure to use the coupon code "Lokeva" for 10% off!