jcpunk's Noctis wig

This is my first time doing a review on jcpunk's wigs. I have prevously ordered many wigs from them, but I never got a chance to review them...
As I got my Noctis wig from them, I thought I could do a post about it!

The store has a very good communication and is quick to reply and ship.
The wig was sent by registered post and it took a month to arrive to me.
It didn't get stuck at customs, which was a blessing.

The item photo in their store is this:

And the wig I received from them was that exact same color, however it was unstyled - obviously.

The color is a mix of blue and grey fibers. It looks very pretty and it changes color depending on the light camera settings. 
Ir came in with a wig cap and a business card.

It took me a while to style the wig, but this was the result.
I think that the color suits noctis, as his hair changes color a lot from art to art, but I would still like to dye it a little bit darker so it suits my face and my cosplay color better.

The color can look more blue under stronger light and more grey under natural light. 
The wig is thick and quite easy to style for Noctis. 
I believe that this wig can still take some more styling but for now, I'm satisfied with it.

The wig is heat resistant, but be careful and control your heat so you don't melt down the fibers in case your hair iron is too hot.

I took this wig to the con last weekend and I got really nice comments on it! I'm so glad people liked the color and the styling. 
It was a really big challenge for me to make this wig work, but I did it!

The only downside I found in this wig is that the fibers on the back cannot be spiked up as much as I'd like. I really wanted to make a duck butt hairstyle, but the fibers didn't stay up high enough... 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more photos!