Uniqso's lolita wig Y and Lens Flavour's super pinky bright red lenses review

Finally posting this review!
The wig I am reviewing is from Uniqso and you can find it here!
I thought it would look cute to review it in the kigurumi I got from this store last year, so here's the link to it too! The kigurumi is very warm and super comfortable to wear at home during the winter, so consider getting one if you like soft pajamas!

Anyway, about the wig...
I ordered this wig to use for my Mia Fey cosplay, but unfortunately that won't happen, so I decided to use it for natural looks instead!

As expected, the wig is very thick and it has beautiful color. It could be used as a fashion item easily! It's heat resistant and quite easy to brush, but unfortunately, it tangles easily as well!
I had to put on some detangling spray before using it so it wouldn't get damaged with brushing - it did prevent it from tangling as much! 
Detangling sprays are amazing for long hair and long wigs!

The wig is layered and the cut really gives it some volume while it prevents the wig from being too heavy on your head. It's really comfortable to wear and very easy to style.
I am really curious about how this wig will look once i straigthen it. I will make sure to post photos later!

The net is not visible, which makes the wig much easier to wear as you dont have to worry about your hair showing underneath or something. Uniqso's wigs are often like this and that's why I love them so much!

I recently cut my hair short, so having a long wig same color as my hair is really nice!

Off to lenses... I got these lenses simply because I always wanted to try the popular Super Pinky Bright Red model. Unfortunately Uniqso doesn't sell these series, so I got them from Lens Flavors and I love them!

The lenses are very comfortable to wear and they don't enlarge my eyes a lot, so they are vey fitting for male cosplays I plan to do! I cannot wait to wear them for a cosplay with different sort of makeup.
I have very sensitive eyes, but I managed to wear these for quite some time and I'm happy with how they blend in with my natural eye color. They don't cover my iris completely and they still look very unnatural, but this lens model is great for brigt eyes as the pupil hole is smaller and the lens covers your iris almost completely!

I am really satisfied with these items and am looking forward to wearing them often! 
Don't forget to check both stores out and use the coupon code "Mashetato" at Uniqso for 10% off!