UNIQSO's Shugo Chara Yoru wig review

Posting a review on Christmas because I finally have some free time and that makes me so happy!
I was looking forward to trying this wig out ever since Jack reviewed it - it looked so perfect for Manami that I just had to get it!

The wig came in unstyled and very poofy that I had to remove all the poof before reviewing it. 
It was very easy to fix it, to be honest! The wig was heat resistant, so removing the volume of it took me only about a minute or two.

The color is all blue. There's no mix of fibers in it. 
The color might look more vibrant under stronger light or longer camera exposure.

I still find that this wig works well for Manami even under brighter lights. 
I might make a video tutorial on how I style the wig for him in case I have free time.

The wig is very thick, which is great! It covers your hair well and it is not see through.

I'm really satisfied with how the wig is layered - I won't have to cut much!
Uniqso's wigs are usually well layered and barely need any cutting, unless you're making some huge hair modifications. 

There's no plastic shine to the wig, which makes it so much easier to wear it to a convention or to a photoshoot, since you won't have to worry about your wig reflecting all the light in the room haha!
The wig does have some shine to it, but it's nothing too unnatural and, if needed, you can just apply some talc powder to it to remove the rest of the shine as well!

I can't wait to style this wig for my angel boy and have a photoshoot! I hope I look good as him~

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