Monday, January 30, 2017

UNIQSO's Axis Powers wig review

Here's a new review on Uniqso's wig! 

This time I got their blond wig with hopes to style it short and spike it.
The wig I asked for looked like this:

I thought it'd be more interesting to review it before cutting and styling so you know what you're getting.
The wig looks exactly as on the photo and it has a lot of fibers.

The color is very prety and the fibers are soft, yet heat resistant. 
I like how natural it looks, however I really dislike the ahoge. 
The ahoge is glued with something that looks like white glue and it's impossible to remove, since it's sewn to the wig. You would have to unsed a lot of fibers to remove ahoge... The worst is that the ahoge is made badly and you can't modify it in case you'd like to keep it...

Asides from that, the wig is perfect! I will restlye it and unsew the ahoge to modify the wig to my liking.
Unfortunately because of this I will have to rate the wig a 3.5/5... I love it, but it's going to be a pain to restyle it. 
It's much easier to make your own ahoge than buy a wig with it and have to fix it... 

Anyway, the wig arrived to me real quick and I was impressed at how beautiful the color it. There's a lot of hair to work with and, with some effort, I'm sure you can restlye it to your liking!

Here's a closeup on the top of the wig. I think that it's better for the cosplayer to make their own ahoge than to buy a wig with it as it can get damaged in transit and, since this is made with white glue, it's impossible to remove and restyle...

The back is also very fluffy and layered. I like that the wig already came in layered since that's my least favourite part of wig styling.

To summarize it all: The wig is amazing,but it's going to need some resewing of the wefts to make it look like I want it. 

If you decide to buy something from Uniqso, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" for 10% off your purchase!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

UNIQSO's Shingeki no Kyojin Jean wig & Klenspop's Artric Black lenses

I tried bringing you something different this time and I hope you like it!

I'm going to review Uniqso's Jean wig and Klenspop's Artric Black lenses that I got for my Sangwoo cosplay from Killing Stalking. I know this might be a bit creepy and weird to see in a review, but I was costesting and thought the photos looked nice, so why not post them here as well? 

I ordered this wig for my cosplay and I must admit, it was very difficult to style it. I'm not sure why, but the fibers were quite difficult to depuff... It took me about 2-3 hours to fully style this wig and I still feel like it can take some more cutting on the bangs. 

The color of this wig is absolutely beautiful. It's a sandy blond color on the top and dark brown on the bottom. The wig resembels an undercut hairstyle and it's quite good if you're aiming to cosplay Sangwoo as well or Jean or anyone with a similar hairstyle.

As the wig is heat resistant, I used hair dryer and hair iron to style it. Sangwoo doesn't have a messy or spiky hair, so I tried styling the wig the best I could, trying to give it a realistic look and even curling it a little bit so it would have natural waves.

Unfortunately, this is not one of my favourite wigs from Uniqso. I think it's a lower quality than the other wigs I own. As I said, it was difficult to style and cut, but I love how the wig looks on me so I rate it 4/5. 

Also here's a photo of the wig from the side. Please excuse my face, but I don't look very good in profile. I bet I would have the worst mug shot...

As for the lenses... It was very difficult to find lenses like these and I'm so happy Klenspop had them. The lenses are black and have no design - they are Halloween lenses. I wish more stores sold these!

The lenses come with a lens case and lens tweezers inside that cute box!

The lenses last 6 months and are very comfortable to wear. I have incredibly sensistie eyes and these lenses were like a blessing
Their diameter is very small so they look very natural in terms of size. The pupil hole is also very small, so they covered my iris completely.

I have very light eyes (grey/blue) and it's very difficult to wear dark lenses for me as my iris shows no matter what design I pick! I think these worked well because of the small pupil hole.

I am so satisfied with these lenses. I can wear them for so many characters with who I struggled to fing the right lenses and always ended up photoshopping my eyes black. I rate them 5/5~

Sorry for the creepy photos~ I was just trying to be like the character!

If you make a purchase at Uniqso, make sure you use the coupon code "Mashetato" for 10% off!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ruler Cosplay's Hetalia France wig review

I've anounced on my Facebook page and Instagram that I would be reviewing a wig from Ruler Cosplay (aka Mycosplayer/Lovejoynet cosplay)

Unfortunately it took me a while to be able to do so thanks to the college exams and some family emergencies, however things are alrighty now, so here's the review!

I got this wig from them and I am very satisfied with it!

About their service, I'm very satisfied with how direct and quick to reply they are. I'm very grateful I got such customer service! It was very easy to communicate with them and to get the item shipped in short time.

The wig arrived to me real quick and it did not go to customs, which is great considering I have such bad luck with the customs lately... 

The wig itself is very beautiful. I was worried I would get a yellow wig, but instead I got a lovely golden wig that does not have a plastic shine.

For a longer wig, the top is excellent in case you'd like to do some crazy hair styling with it! 

The wig is pretty thick and poofy, so I'm not worried about my hair showing under it and about cutting it short. I love how the wefts are sewn close to eachother, so there's no way your hair will show under it if tucked  properly.

This wig looks adorable even if unstyled. All I did was brush it for these photos and the wig looked great! I think that you could even use it as a fashion item! 

The wig is heat resistant, which makes it great for styling. It can heat up to 180ÂșC without melting and it's quite easy to straigthen. I will post the styled photos later on my facebook page!

From what I've seen, the store has some really pretty wigs, so if you are looking for high quality/premium quality wigs for decent price, check it out~

They also sell lolita wigs and cosplay costumes for good price, so if you are looking for something like that, feel free to check them out!

I'm very satisfied with this wig. The quality is 10/10 and their service is excellent! I'm so happy with what I got!