Ruler Cosplay's Hetalia France wig review

I've anounced on my Facebook page and Instagram that I would be reviewing a wig from Ruler Cosplay (aka Mycosplayer/Lovejoynet cosplay)

Unfortunately it took me a while to be able to do so thanks to the college exams and some family emergencies, however things are alrighty now, so here's the review!

I got this wig from them and I am very satisfied with it!

About their service, I'm very satisfied with how direct and quick to reply they are. I'm very grateful I got such customer service! It was very easy to communicate with them and to get the item shipped in short time.

The wig arrived to me real quick and it did not go to customs, which is great considering I have such bad luck with the customs lately... 

The wig itself is very beautiful. I was worried I would get a yellow wig, but instead I got a lovely golden wig that does not have a plastic shine.

For a longer wig, the top is excellent in case you'd like to do some crazy hair styling with it! 

The wig is pretty thick and poofy, so I'm not worried about my hair showing under it and about cutting it short. I love how the wefts are sewn close to eachother, so there's no way your hair will show under it if tucked  properly.

This wig looks adorable even if unstyled. All I did was brush it for these photos and the wig looked great! I think that you could even use it as a fashion item! 

The wig is heat resistant, which makes it great for styling. It can heat up to 180ÂșC without melting and it's quite easy to straigthen. I will post the styled photos later on my facebook page!

From what I've seen, the store has some really pretty wigs, so if you are looking for high quality/premium quality wigs for decent price, check it out~

They also sell lolita wigs and cosplay costumes for good price, so if you are looking for something like that, feel free to check them out!

I'm very satisfied with this wig. The quality is 10/10 and their service is excellent! I'm so happy with what I got!