UNIQSO's Axis Powers wig review

Here's a new review on Uniqso's wig! 

This time I got their blond wig with hopes to style it short and spike it.
The wig I asked for looked like this:

I thought it'd be more interesting to review it before cutting and styling so you know what you're getting.
The wig looks exactly as on the photo and it has a lot of fibers.

The color is very prety and the fibers are soft, yet heat resistant. 
I like how natural it looks, however I really dislike the ahoge. 
The ahoge is glued with something that looks like white glue and it's impossible to remove, since it's sewn to the wig. You would have to unsed a lot of fibers to remove ahoge... The worst is that the ahoge is made badly and you can't modify it in case you'd like to keep it...

Asides from that, the wig is perfect! I will restlye it and unsew the ahoge to modify the wig to my liking.
Unfortunately because of this I will have to rate the wig a 3.5/5... I love it, but it's going to be a pain to restyle it. 
It's much easier to make your own ahoge than buy a wig with it and have to fix it... 

Anyway, the wig arrived to me real quick and I was impressed at how beautiful the color it. There's a lot of hair to work with and, with some effort, I'm sure you can restlye it to your liking!

Here's a closeup on the top of the wig. I think that it's better for the cosplayer to make their own ahoge than to buy a wig with it as it can get damaged in transit and, since this is made with white glue, it's impossible to remove and restyle...

The back is also very fluffy and layered. I like that the wig already came in layered since that's my least favourite part of wig styling.

To summarize it all: The wig is amazing,but it's going to need some resewing of the wefts to make it look like I want it. 

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