UNIQSO's Satsuki Ao wig review + Lolita wig (black and red)

Here's a new review on a wig I got from Uniqso
I got their Satsuki Ao wig with intention of styling it short and using it for Noiz from DMMD.

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Beige
Wig Length: 30cm

My first reaction when I got this wig was that it's too bright. The color is actually platinum blond. This is okay, since wigs can easily be dyed.
However, the wig is quite poofy. there's a lot of fiber on te top of the head and that might be an issue if you're looking for a wig with little volume.

The wig is true to it's description about being heat resistant. The wig reacts really well to the heat up to 180ÂșC and you can curl or straigthen it easily!

Most of the wigs are heat resistant nowadays, but there's still a high chance you will get a wig that's not as heat resistant as your other wig is. I recommend Uniqso's wigs because they are all made out of similar fiber and they all behave very well when in contact with heat. 

I'm not sure if this wig will work for me because of the amount of hair it has. I was looking for a slightly less poofy wig, so I might have to remove some wefts from this one before styling.

I actually like how this wig color looks and I cannot wait to dye it! I'm sure the dye will stick well to it!

Asides from a lot of hair (which might not be a disadvantage if you know how to work with it), the roots are quite frizzy... The quality of the wig is quite good, but the frizz is always bothersome... I hope this was just my bad luck and that the rest of wigs for this character are not frizzy.

I also got another wig together with this one. I picked their lolita wig in black and red color for a cosplay I intend to do in near future.

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black & Red
Wig Length: 30cm

I don't usually post two reviews in one post, but my computer crashed and I lost photos related to this lolita wig... I was only left with 3 photos, so I just decided to add them here instead of making a separate blog post on it.

The wig is a mix of two colors, which makes it look really natural. I love the color and the fiber is so soft. I don't think there's a lot of fibers on it compared to the wig above, which makes it look even more natural. This is a wig I'd actually wear daily.

I like how the wig and color look on me - I kinda feel older.
The wig is heat resistant and quite easy to style. I intend to spike this wig eventually and I will post the photos on my facebook page so you can see how the wig looks when styled. 

I'm in love with the color of this wig since it will work really well for the character I'll cosplay and there won't be much need for me to cut it! The length is just right!

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