Ruler Cosplay's Prussia wig review

I was hoping I'd get to post this review in the actual cosplay, but it seems that my costume won't arrive anytime soon thanks to the customs... 

I decided to do the review anyway and kept the wig unstyled for the purpose of showing how it looks like out of the package.

The wig I got is Ruler Cosplay's Prussia wig, which is made out of mix of grey fibers. It looked really pretty and I thought it'd suit my Lev cosplay! You can get it here.

Material: Heat Resistant Fiber
Color: Silver
Length: 32 cm
Lead Time: 1-3 Days
Weight(kg): 0.2 kg

The store shipped the wig to me real quick and it got to my arms in no time! I was amazed with the speed. They were really kind and quick to reply to me. They even bothered to ask me if the wig arrived! 
The package took less than a month to get to me and it didn't get into customs. The wig arrived in great condition.

Here's a closeup to the wig color. The color is a mix of dark grey and light grey fibers. It looks really pretty. I feel like the darker fibers make the wig color look more natural. 

The top of the wig looks like this and I don't think you can use it for a lot of crazy hairstyles, however it's prefect in case you're looking for a straight hairstyle!

I have a feeling that the wig color will look much brighter on the photos than it actually is, so I might have to dye it for Lev, however, it's a Prussia's wig and I think it works well him in terms of color! The style might be a bit tricky, but if you know how to cut wigs, you have nothing to worry about.

The wig is heat resistant and it's pretty thick. Some fibers come out when I brush it and when I shake it, however that is normal with the new wigs. Unless it's shreading a lot, there's no problem! 

This is how the back of the wig looks like. It's quite poofy. There are no "bald spots" since the wig is thick and it covers my hair really well. It does look a bit unnatural thanks to the too much thickness, but it's nothing I cannot work with! 
It's better to have more hair than less~ 

Overall, I'm super satisfied with this wig! I cannot wait to style it and wear it for a photoshoot.