Ruler Cosplay's Judy wig review

I struggle with short white/silver wigs. I'm never able to find a good one to use for my cosplays without the need of styling it so much...
I found this wig at Ruler Cosplay's store and I got it, thinking it would be good.

Material: Heat Resistant Fiber
Color: Grey
Length: 32 cm

The wig looks like this:

I was surprised with how pretty it actually looked up close. The color is very pretty and it doesn't have the plastic shine many synthetic wigs have. 
I feel like I could use this wig on daily basis.

The back is trimmed nicely and it is thick enough so your hair doesn't show under it, but you might want to find a way to cover your neck nair since the wig might not cover it very well... 

As described, the wig is heat resistant and it has a really nice quality to it.

The top of the wig makes it easy to style for many characters with similar hair length!

After going through so many white wigs, I am gonna set for this one. It's one of the best wigs I own and I'm really in love with it!

The customer service of this store is very nice. They are quick to reply and to ship the items, so I really do recommend it in case you're looking for a good wig.

The product photos correspond to what you really get, so make sure to check it out!