UNIQSO's Lolita Wig 097A and Sayo Samonji wig review

Posting two reviews in one post because it's easier for me to organize stuff this way~!

I got two wigs from Uniqso. I intend to modify them a lot for characters I need them for, so I didn't style them much asides from a little hairspray. 

They are both labeled as heat resistant wigs, meaning they can stand heat up to 180ÂșC.

So, here's the review:

The wigs got shipped to me by FedEx and were delivered to me within 5 days and I didn't have to pay any customs fees!
Where I live, FedEx is the best service for the quick shipment.

Inside the FedEx bag, there was a black package with the wigs inside it.
The size of it is quite big, so if it had arrived by regular mail, I'm sure it'd get stuck at customs for at least 2 months.

Inside the black package, there were the wigs. They were in separate plastic bags and were packed carefully. 
The cardboard around them prevents the wigs from getting damaged. I usually use this cardboard for the wigs that are styled and the wigs I don't want to lose their shape. It's very handy!

Starting with the Lolita wig: this wig is made of 2 colors. There's green on the lower parts of the wig and brown on the top. It's not an usual wig, so I find this combination really interesting.

The fibers on top are a mix of various shades of brown, making the color look very natural.
If styled properly, this wig could be used for your daily looks!

The only flaw I could see here is that the green fibers don't show much on the back, but that could be fixed with some trimming on the brown fibers.

The wig is heat resistant and the top is very easy to style.


Moving to the Samonji wig: 

This wig comes with a regular base and two clip on ponytails.
It's a very interesting wig since it can be used for another characters as well!

The color of this wig is a mix of various shades of blue, making the color quite unique. 
I acually prefer wigs with mixed fibers since they tend to change color under different lights and that can give you some very interesting photos!

The base wig is quite long, so you have a lot of hair to work with!
If this wig were to be used for the actual character it was designed for, then the wig would need a lot of styling and some cutting. 

As you can see, the base is quite long, so for it to work for the character it's designed for, there will be a need for some serious styling! 
However, if you like styling your own wigs, then this is not an issue to worry about.

The top of this wig limits you with the hairstyles you can do, but, since the ponytails are easy to remove, you're not limited to a single character!

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