UNIQSO's Touhou Project Mima & Fate/Grand Order Gankutsuou wig review

I took a little longer than expected with this review, but here it is!

I purchased 2 wigs from Uniqso once more. Since they are meant to me styled properly for the cosplays they are for, I didn't do much to them for the review.

The wigs I got are the following:


I got their Mima and Gankutsuou wig.
They are both described as heat resistant.

The wigs were shipped to me quickly and were packed safely. 

Mima's wig is 100cm long and is quite thick. It's also heat resistant.


The color is very pretty and the wig doesn't feel very heavy on my head. It does get very tangled and that's a big problem for me, but it's nothing that cannot be fixed.
I am not a fan of long wigs because they are uncomfortable to wear, but this one's quite light on my head, so that helps a lot.


The wig needs some styling because it has been packed in a bag for a while, but since it's heat resistant, it's gonna be easy to fix.
This wig is also great in case you're looking to make a short wig since you can cut it and use the cutout fibers for the extra wefts!

And this is how the top looks like!


As for the Gankutsuou wig, I'm really impressed with it! It looks like granny's hair, but it's very fluffy and easy to style. 
The wig is really cute and would look very cool with a lolita outfit!


The wig is heat resistant and it's pretty thick. The way it's sewn makes it easy to style in any direction.
The color is quite matte, so there's no need to worry about annoying shine to the wig.


I'm really satisfied with both of these wigs. They are really pretty and quite light on my head.
Uniqso was super kind to ship this order before I went to vacations, so it arrived just in time.
Their customer service never disappoints!