MatchWigs' Zana Short Brown Wig review

This is my first time working with MatchWigs, so I will try being as specific about their service as possible.

MatchWigs is an online store that specializes in selling high quality wigs. I have previously ordered from them and was always satisfied with the products I received.

The store service is incredibly good! They were super fast at replying to my emails and they were always kind. I had no difficulties in communicating with them. It was surprising.

After placing my order, the wig was shipped out within a few days and it arrived to me in about 10 working days! The wig passed through customs without any problems and it was undervalued, so I didn't have to pay any tax!

The wig I'm going to review in this post is the following: Zana Short Brown.

Wig Length: 12 in. / 30cm (Short)
Length Notes: Most of our mannequins have cute small faces. We recommend you to measure from your head center-top downwards towards your chin and shoulders.
Wig Color: Auburn brown
Wig Size: Free Size - 21" / 53cm un-stretched and can go up to 23-24" / 58-61cm. Comes with secure fasteners. Designed to fit all heads.
Fiber Type: Extra-soft Hiperlon fiber. Heat resistant up to 360°F/180°C. C'mon who needs that hot, like really?!
Wig Info: Extra fiber strand counts for luxuriously thick wig. Washable in cool water with normal hair shampoo.

And, now, the product review...

The package has a tag with the useful information about how you can take care of the wig. 
The wig came with a protective net over it that keeps the fibers in place. This is more useful for long wigs in my opinion.

First of all, the wig color is beautiful! The reddish brown really matches the hair of the character I'm going to use it for, Shinkai Hayato. This color was very difficult to find and I'm very happy that MatchWigs had it.

The wig is layered and thick. There's a lot of fibers to work with and no bald spots. There's also not a lot of volume, so the cut looks pretty natural. The roots are not frizzy and the fibers don't reflect a lot of light. If well styled, this wig could be used as a fashion item.

This wig is going to need quite some styling before being used for cosplay, but you can't expect the wig that was sent by mail to arrive styled.
I will have to add some blue wefts to this wig to make it look as I want, but boy am I satisfied! 
And the length is just right!

This wig is heat resistant and it's pretty easy to style using a little heat.
I'm excited to show you the final result once the wig is done!

Here's also a video review I did on this wig (please excuse my awkwardnes... I don't usually talk in m videos): 

Thanks for reading!