UNIQSO's Touka and Krista wig review

Time for a new review!

I ordered two new wigs from Uniqso for the future photoshoots. They were shipped real quick and they arrived to me in no time. 
The customer service was as nice as ever!

The first wig I'm going to review is their Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) wig

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Dark Blue
Wig Length: 32cm

I got this wig hoping it would be flat and easy to style for Yusuke from Persona 5. 
Unfortunately, it isn't.

This wig is quite frizzy on the roots, which makes the wig have more volume than it should. It's pretty difficult to brush the frizz out and to remove it, so I wouldn't advise you to get this wig unless you're looking to cosplay a character with a poofy hairstyle.

For Touka, I think that this wig works pretty well.

The top of the wig makes the fibers go in specific directions, so you're quite limited for the styles you can make with this wig. 
Personally, I don't dislike this style for the wigs I don't intend to spike or brush to the side. I feel like working with this type of wig is much easier.

The wig is slightly layered and completely heat resistant.
It took me quite some time to style this wig and remove the friz, but after some hours of styling, this is how the wig turned out like:

I think that the wig looks much better now that it has less frizz and that it's styled.
If you're not experienced with wig styling, I don't really recommend you getting this wig unless it's to be used for characters with Touka's hairstyle or similar!

The second wig I got from them is the stunning Krista Lenz wig.
This wig is beautiful in every way! I always liked golden wigs and this one's just perfect! 

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Light Gold
Wig Length: 55cm

This 55cm long wig is just perfect for Krista! The only thing it would need is some bangs cutting and it'd be ready to go! 

The wig is golden, but it's not yellow. It's a very pretty shade and it just looks like bleached hair. Healthy bleached hair, to be more specific.
The wig is not very shiny, so that makes it look somewhat natural, despite the color.

The length of the wig is great and it prevents the wig from getting too tangled. It's very easy to brush and the wig is heat resistant!
The wig is also thick, which helps at covering your hair underneath.

There's a little problem with this wig, as with every other wig that has a similar cap construction. 
You are limited to the side the fibers can fall. If you make the parting to the side, the net might be visible. 

Overall, this wig is super pretty and soft. There's no frizz to it and it's very easy to comb. The bangs are quite thick, so there's a lot of fibers to work with for different sort of hairstyles!

Thanks for reading~