UNIQSO's Jean Kirstein & Sougo Okita wig review

Hey hey!
Winter's days are so short and dark, it really makes it impossible for me to actually take any decent photos. 
Thankfully, I purchased a small ring light to help me out with that! So far, I'm really liking the results of using it. 

So, with the 2018 around the corner, I should really make an update to this blog's theme as my new year resolution! 

Anyhow, here's the review on the wigs I got this month for two of my cosplays for 2018!


Both of the wigs are heat resistant and they have a processing time of about 3 days.
Both of these wigs will be properly styled for my HiGH&LOW cosplays.

Sougo's wig is going to be used for Cobra and it's going to take a good cut, but for now, here's how it looks unstyled!

The wig is thick and long enough for you to have the freedom to style your own bangs.
If you're scared of cutting the bangs alone, I'd recommend you asking for help because on straight wigs the mistakes are more visible.

Despite being thick, the wig is not fluffy and it might have a "bald spot" when combed to the side, meaning that the wig should be worn with the bangs falling straight down. 
The color is more sandy-greenish than it looks on the photo, but it gives it a natural look, so it's pretty good for the character it was designed for and for Cobra-chan!

So far, this has been one of my favourite wigs from Uniqso, as there's no need for me to style it too much before using it! 

As for the Jean wig... I will style it so I can use it for Jesse!

I've prevously owned a wig like this and, to be honest, it's really nice. 
The wig is thick and very easy to style! I'd recommend curling the tips of the blond part so it looks more natural. The color is very pretty and, when styled properly, it looks like it actually has an undercut.

Jean's wigs are usually ugly, but I find this one really nice and the most accurate to the character. 
The wig also works perfectly for Sangwoo from Killing Stalking, so if you're into that, you should definitely buy it!

I can't wait to get to photoshoot with these wigs.


Thank you all who have contacted me about Uniqso's products over this year. I'm very happy that my friends got to buy wigs and lenses from this store thanks to me! 

Uniqso's actually my favorite wig store right now thanks to the product always corresponding to the photo. It makes the purchase easier and much safer. 

Happy holidays!