UNIQSO's Kazunari Miyoshi & Kuchiki Byakuya wig review

Ahh~ Winter is here! Which means, cold and getting sick for me!
I've been getting quite sickish lately, so it took me a while to get this review done.
It's also very hard to take photos during the winter days... Days are shorter and the light is terrible. 
I want spring to come quickly...

So, I got Kazunari's wig this month so I could (hopefully) cosplay Kuranosuke from Prince of Tennis. It's very cold to do it now tho... *sob*

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Flaxen
Wig Length: 32cm

The wigs were shipped to me very quickly and by FedEx. I recommend using their service if you want express delivery and no customs problems! Customs can be a pain to deal with, so choosing FedEx might be your best choice to avoid them~

Excuse the my very little makeup look... It looked better irl than on the photos...

The wig has a very natural blonde color. It's incredibly soft and silky.
The top has quite some hair you can work with and it's already parted to the side, but that can be fixed easily with a little heat in case you're interested in doing another hairstyle with this wig.

The wig can look slightly greenish/yellowish under a warmer light, but it's not really a problem in my opinion since it still keeps a natural color and it has no shine.
The wig is 100% heat resistant, so don't hesitate to style it as you wish! 

I'm not exactly sure that it's a wig you can wear out like a fashion item thanks to the cut, but, if you are willing to work with the styling a little, I'm sure this can be a great wig for your bad hair days!


Next up, it's the Byakuya wig!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black
Wig Length: 60cm

Long wigs are incredibly hard to photograph on my own, but I tried my best to get decent photos of it...!

This wig is THICK. It is heavy and it has a lot of hair to work with. It's very smooth and easy to comb. The wig gets from little to no knots if you wear it for the day. 
There's not much shine to it, so the wig can look pretty natural. 
The heat resistance makes it easy to style, so don't be afraid to curl it up and make it look even cuter!

The top has a small skintop piece that allows you to make a natural looking parting, but, of course, you need to cut the bangs short if you want it to look like real hair.
The bangs are pretty long, so you can create interesting styles with them! 

I'm extremely satisfied with these wigs that I got. They are pretty natural looking even though I'd not wear them out. They have a lot of fibers, which is good, and are heat resistant. 

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Thanks for reading!