RulerCosplay's Hetalia Antonio & Original Grey Ombre Lolita wig review

2018 just started and I still didn't update this blog's theme... I should really take care of it soon! Ha ha-~

Well, to start the year, here's a review on RulerCosplay's wigs!
This time I got two wigs from them and they are both very pretty! 

These wigs were shipped to me right away and they arrived quickly. 
To my surprise, this brand's items never go to customs in my country and that's a huge plus! I'm so happy I can rely on this brand!

Starting with the brown wig: the wig is quite messy and that's thanks to the way it was put inside the bag before shipping. A lot of wig industries store their wigs in a way that causes them to look poofy and wild, BUT that's not a problem at all as it's fairly easy to fix.

As stated in their description, the wig is heat resistant and of brown color. The color looks pretty natural, so if you manage to style it in a way that suits your face, you can even wear this wig out like it's your own hair! 

The wig is thick enough to be spiked and styled in many ways, however it's not poofy enough to make it look huge on your head. 
This wig might be perfect for those who are looking to make a messy hairstyle.

The way the wig is stitched, it gives you the perfect amount of freedom to play with it. The top of the wig doesn't limit you to a certain types of hairstlyles, so you can easily play around with it and restyle it over and over.

Now about the grey wig... I've never had a wig this color before. It's very pretty and it reminds me a lot of Persona 4's protagonist and it looks like it's a great wig for him!

The wig is quite thick and easy to style. It has a good amount of fibers to play around with and to make a number of hairstyles.
I'd not recommend this wig to be spiked too much or used for crazy hairstyles as the fibers are short, but if you join two wigs like this into one, then you might be able to make any hairstyle you'd like!

The wig is layered and it looks like it has a gradient under the natural light despite just being a mix of different color grey fibers.
This gives the wig a naturalish tone. 
The wig is not shiny, so it's very easy to be worn with an alternative outfit!

Ah! The top of the wig makes it easy to comb the wig in any direction. A special touch~!

Do check RulerCosplay out as they have a lot of new wigs and costumes in their store now! 

Thank you for reading!