UNIQSO's Sweety Colorful Rio Blue & Sweety Lily Black lens review

It's been a while since I made a post here~

I'm posting a review on two pair of lenses I got from UNIQSO

Both of these lenses have the following characteristics:
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm

The lenses were shipped to me by FedEx and they arrived within a couple of days to my address. 
They are shipped inside a bubblewrapped envelope and are stores inside a plastic/flat container. This is a much safer way to store the lenses. The glass bottles can break during the transport.

There's a possibility of the lenses getting stuck to the corner of these plastic containers tho, so for that I highly recommend you to read this article to know what to do in that case.

The grey lenses are incredibly comfortable and are great to make light eyes look larger, adding a natural colored rim around it and making them look bigger and brighter! 

I found that these lenses are well suited for my cosplay of Yusuke Kitagawa, hence why I decided to costest him for the sake of this review.

Since these lenses are very small when it comes to the design size and are very little opaque when it comes to color, I do not recommend them to people who have dark eyes, unless you are looking for lenses you can wear everyday and look natural with them! 

The blue lenses on the other hand are still very comfortable, but they seem a little ugly for the bright eyes. The design shows up strangely and it makes my eyes look weird. It's obvious that I have lenses. 
However, for cosplay purposes or photoshoots, I think they are very vibrant and interesting. I would actually recommend them to people with dark eyes tho!

As you can see, for cosplay, the lenses look ok! They are very vibrant and blue. I actually really like this design and think they would fit characters with heavier makeup much better.

 I strongly advise you to purchase your lenses from UNIQSO as they allow you to pay with PayPal or any other of their selected payment options! That's a huge plus!

Thanks for reading!