UNIQSO's Yamatonokami Yasusada & Syana wig review

Hello~! It's been a while since I updated this blog, right~?

This time I'm reviewing two wigs I got from UNIQSO. Most of my wigs are from them and I'm actually really satisfied with the quality of their products and this time was no different! 

Yasusada wig first:

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Blue & Black
Wig Length: 60cm

The way this wig is advertised makes it seem like it's a ponytail wig with a clip on ponytail to attach to the base ponytail. Unfortunatly that's not the case... the base of this wig is not a ponytail and it's just a regular short wig.

I don't find this to be a problem, but please double check the description or the reviews for the product you are looking for so you don't end up surprised. 

The wig is heat resistant and it's pretty thick, however I've noticed that the blue color comes off and my hair iron is actually stained... It seems like this only happens with high heat tho. It doesn't stain your skin or your hands while you use it, so I don't think it's dangerous at all.

I didn't have to trim this wig, which is good, for Yasusada! I really dislike cutting wigs and I always feel blessed when they come pre-styled properly.

I really like this wig despite being different from what I thought I ordered. It has a very nice color and it was easy to style!

The other wig I ordered was a Syana wig!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black
Wig Length: 80cm

The photos from this review got corrupted as I was saving them, so these are the only ones I managed to get out of it, but I think it's enough for you to see how the wig looks like.

It's a regular 80cm long wig with bangs to cut and incredible thickness. The wig is pretty heavy and it's heat resistant.

The wig doesn't tangle much despite being long and it looks very beautiful and natural despite being made out of synthetic fibers. With some styling and acessories, I'm sure this could be used for a daily look and it would look! 

Overall I'm very satisfied with these wigs and I highly recommnend them to you! 
Make sure to check UNIQSO's other wigs and my other reviews as they have a huge variety of products that might come in handy to you! 

Thanks for reading!