UNIQSO's Premium Wig: Short Spiral Curl Black Lace Front Wig review

Hello! Hello!

I'm so excited to write this post because for the first time I've ordered a lace front wig and am in love with it!

Uniqso's wig collection game has gotten stronger and stronger and I'm amazed at how many new items they have and how many lacefronts you can choose from now! 
(Keep up the good work! <3)

So, to reveiw it... 
The wig was shipped to me by DHL Express - a service that does not work in Portugal. Please specify any other express delivery that is not DHL unless you want to spend hours on the phone with the customs just to have your items shipped back. 
I was lucky this time tho and I got my wig in no time!

The wig is absolutely stunning!
It feels like healthy natural hair with messy waves. It's incredibly thick, so your real hair won't show under it.
It might definitely become a wig I'd use on my bad hair days.

This wig is heat resistant, so in case you'd like another hairstyle, you can just go ahead and make it like you would do on your own hair! 
The wig doesn't come with any tape or glue, so you will have to buy those yourself. I'm not wearing any for these photos tho. The wig has hooks inside it that kept the wig well in place.

The hairline... the trickiest part to this wig. Cutting off the lace and making the hairline be my size was a little tricky, but nothing the YouTube didn't help with!
I'm not an expert with this sort of wigs, but I might consider making a video tutorial on how to deal with a lace front wig. 

This wig is also great for cosplay. If you have a character with pulled back hair or a character with a natural hairline, then this might be a good option for you! 
The price of this wig is pretty ok for a lacefront wig. There's obviously cheaper, but the quality of this wig and a 20€ lacefront does not compare. However, I can compare this wig to one of the Arda Wigs my friend owns and for which she paid over 80€ and I can say that they are in the same category.

Thanks for reading! I hope this review was useful!