UNIQSO's Glory of Kings Wig Review

Hello~ Hello~

Here's a fun review! 
For the first time I got a wig from Uniqso by China Post and I was freaking out so much thinking that it would get lost or something.
It turned up way sooner than I'd expected and it's a pretty nice wig!

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Brown
Wig Length: 30cm

The wig is nice dark brown and it looks pretty flat once you open the package, but it's very easy to style to get that poof the product image has.
I just parted the wig with a brush and made the spikes with the hair iron. The style is similar, eh? 

The style of the wig reminded me so much of Squall from Final Fantasy that I ended up doing a costest on him.
I did the spikes on the dry wig and I had to shape them with my fingers, but for the better results, I recommend you wetting the wig and making the spikes with the hair iron while the wig is still wet.

I recommend you watching my video on how to style a wig like this. (I used a wig from UNIQSO in this video!)

I'm sure this wig can be used as a daily fashion acessory since it has a natural color and it's not very shiny. I do recommend you styling it in a way that makes it look more realistic. I'm not sure that the style the wig comes with and the style I made here are very appropriate for a fashion look.

The wig look short and is very light on the head (and in weight), but it still covers the back of your neck, so you don't have to worry about that wild hair peeking from underneath!

Thanks so much for reading! <3