Ever since I was young I used to watch anime and read manga among which Detective Conan and Saiyuki were my favorite. I have always been a fan of mystery and fighting series to the point where I would roleplay it with my friends. As I got older, my interests lead me to drawing fanart of my favorite series (which I failed miserably at) and to researching my favorite characters for reference images which lead me to cosplay photos. 

I first attended a cosplay convention in late 2010, where I met my first cosplay friends and who pushed me into this hobby. However, I only started cosplaying in begining of 2012 and my first cosplay was Heiwajima Shizuo from DURARARA!!. It was thanks to this cosplay that I met my best friend, WindiCos

I learned to sew and to apply makeup with WindiCos and YouTube tutorials, but over the years I learnt the most from my mistakes and experiments. I used to buy my cosplays or modify clothes for them, but today I'm not afraid to try making the whole costume from the scratch!