Where do you usually buy your wigs?
Most of my wigs are from Uniqso, however I also purchase wigs from WigIsFashion/CosplayBuzz and CosplayStudio

Where do you usually buy your circle lenses? 
Almost all of my lenses are either from Uniqso or KLensPop. They are the most trustworthy stores I've came across and their circle lenses never disappoint me.

Do you buy or do you make your cosplays?
I always try to make my own costumes, however sometimes it's way cheaper to buy a cosplay from an online store than to make it on my own.

What makeup brands do you use?
I tend to use drug store makeup as it's pretty affordable. I don't always go for the same brands as I have eyeshadows and blushes from different brands, however, these are the items I tend to use the most:
- Prestige liquid eyeliner
- Maybeline Dream Pure BB cream
- Catrice Nude Illusion foundation
- Benefit Erase Paste
- KIKO's natural green concealer
- Essence Blush Up and Good Girl Bad Girl blush

Do you prefer cosplaying or crossplaying?
I love both equally, but cosplaying boys is much easier and practical for me, so I usually go for a male character from any series I watch.

What is your favorite cosplay you've made?
I have a love-hate relationship with my cosplays and I tend to pick my faborites from the photos I get of them. Misaki Yata from [K] and Gintoki Sakata from Gintama are the cosplays I feel the best in.